12 angrey men is a movie

Plot[ edit ] In a New York City courthouse a jury commences deliberating the case of an year-old boy [11] from a slum, on trial for allegedly stabbing his father to death. If there is any reasonable doubt they are to return a verdict of not guilty.

12 angrey men is a movie

The twelve jurors retire to the jury room, having been admonished that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Eleven of the jurors vote for conviction, each for reasons of his own. The sole holdout is Juror 8, played by Henry Fonda. As Fonda persuades the weary jurors to re-examine the evidence, we learn the backstory of each man.

Juror 3 Lee J.

12 angrey men is a movie

Cobba bullying self-made man, has estranged himself from his own son. Juror 7 Jack Warden has an ingrained mistrust of foreigners; so, to a lesser extent, does Juror 6 Edward Binns.

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Jurors 10 Ed Begley and 11 George Voskovecso certain of the infallibility of the Law, assume that if the boy was arrested, he must be guilty. Marshall is an advocate of dispassionate deductive reasoning.

Juror 5 Jack Klugmanlike the defendant a product of "the streets," hopes that his guilty vote will distance himself from his past. Carried over from the TV version was director Sidney Lumet, here making his feature-film debut. A flop when it first came out surprisingly, since it cost almost nothing to makeTwelve Angry Men holds up beautifully when seen today.12 Angry Men () () IMDb min PG Subtitles and Closed Captions Compelling look at the jury deliberations in a murder trial for which a conviction means sending a young man to death row.

Sep 29,  · In form, "12 Angry Men" is a courtroom drama.

12 angrey men is a movie

In purpose, it's a crash course in those passages of the Constitution that promise defendants a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.4/4.

12 Angry Men is a American made-for-television drama film directed by William Friedkin, adapted by Reginald Rose from his original teleplay of the same title. It is a remake of the film. The movie Twelve Angry Men is the more powerful performance and better depicts the natures of the individual jurors and their biases.

In a review for this movie, the critics' consensus is. And wherever you run into it, prejudice always obscures the truth.

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"It Explodes Like 12 Sticks of Dynamite" 12 Angry Men is a movie of no action, but loads of tension%. Aug 17,  · Watch video · Honestly, it wasn't a bad movie, but it doesn't even begin to compare with the original (which is one of my all-time favorites).

An attempt has been made update the movie by adding minorities and modernizing some of the dialog/10(K).

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