An analysis of the remains of paul baumers company which moved behind the german front lines

As German reinforcements reached the Somme front, they were thrown into battle piecemeal and had many casualties. Both sides were reduced to improvised operations, which were hurried and poorly organised.

An analysis of the remains of paul baumers company which moved behind the german front lines

The division had surprised the Germans, but lacked the strength to push on as two of their regiments were committed to the south. The 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 39th captured Lammersdorf, but could not dislodge enemies entrenched in the woods behind the village; the 3rd Battalion suffered heavy losses attacking Hillnear Lammersdorf.

The engagement began on September 19, Repeated probes entered the forest toward their objective, but were beaten back by the terrain and Germans dug into prepared positions. On October 5, the 39th and 60th Infantry Regiments attacked towards the town of Schmidt while the 47th held a defensive position.

The 39th was halted at the Weisser Weh Creek; there were problems with narrow paths, air bursts in trees, and fire breaks which were blocked or enfiladed. Evacuation and supply was difficult or impossible.

The 28th Division was reinforced with the attached th Tank Battalion, tracked M29 Weasel transport and air support. Of its three regiments, one was deployed to protect the northern flank, another to attack Germeter, and the third to capture Schmidt, the main objective.

The area had terrible terrain with the Kall Trail running along a deep river ravine. The terrain was not suited to tanks, despite the need for armor to support the infantry. A track from a U. The track section has melted into the road.

An analysis of the remains of paul baumers company which moved behind the german front lines

The attack by the 28th Division started on 2 November; the defenders were expecting it and were ready. Just one mile was gained after two days, after which the th dug in and endured casualties. This initial attack was nearly all the ground the th would take during the battle.

The weather prevented tactical air support until 5 November. The th was then halted by strong defenses and difficult terrain. The 1st and 3rd Battalions of the th moved across the Kall Valley and captured Kommerscheidt and Schmidt, respectively, on 3 November.

The German supply route to Monschau was cut, but American supply, reinforcement, and evacuation were very limited as the Kall Trail had poor terrain and was infiltrated by the Germans.

An analysis of the remains of paul baumers company which moved behind the german front lines

At dawn on November 4, a strong German counter-attack by tanks of the th Panzer Division and a chance encirclement by troops from the 89th Infantry Division rapidly expelled the 3rd Battalion from Schmidt, and they were unable to counter-attack.

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