An informative paper about the problems encountered by people suffereing from schizophrenia

These headaches got steadily more frequent. It became something of a family joke. Christmas that year I stayed at my girlfriends parents. Surgery had me nervous.

An informative paper about the problems encountered by people suffereing from schizophrenia

July 26, 1: The children studied were years old. Humans confuse association with causation all the time in everyday life - It's what sells horoscopes and homeopathy to the ignorant masses! Assuming causation from association is one of our most common errors in thinking.

The "appearance of design" in nature is well accepted. But so is the science that explains how such design is possible without a conscious designer god.

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Ask any uneducated child if the sun goes around the earth and note the response. What "appears" to be obvious is not actually the case. Similarly, science has shown that "design" can come about through wholly natural processes. If this were true, what does it matter?

Other "acquired positions" include temperance, reason, and logic. Is the author implying that "acquired positions" are not useful?

Then why learn anything at all? You've gone a step beyond the author. Dr Petrovich doesn't say belief in God is true, which is beyond science to prove or disprove. She also cites the child of 5 who rejected a creator by reason certainly rather precocious.

Joseph on July 26, 3: I did not become an atheist until much later in life, when I was able to critically examine all the facts and arguments for and against theism. The terms used in this article are misleading. It you merely redefine "God" as a cause for the universe, well, even an atheist would be said to believe in God, but this God would not one anyone would bother worshiping.

Sasha on July 26, 5: It's hardly evidence in support of theology. That's like saying a child's belief in The Wiggles is evidence that Dorothy the Dinosaur is a real dinosaur. Barney says; I refer you to the reply to Joseph above.

An informative paper about the problems encountered by people suffereing from schizophrenia

Yes it does show that belief in God is infantile. It doesn't show that belief in God is true, which neither Dr Petrovich nor I sought to imply. But you seem to imply that belief in God is onlyinfantile, which is obviously a faith position.

Matt on July 26, 8: I recall that as a very young person I looked at things around me and only considered that things were there, without my imposition of causation. And at that early age, I could see that this set me apart sometimes from other people who did see causation where in fact there was none.

Regardless, if indeed there is some sort of "hard-wiring" that predisposes some people to appeal to the supernatural, I strongly suspect it has an adaptive function that evolved as our species did.

Our intelligence is able to take it into abstracts. Should any or all or be encouraged by these findings? Depending on one's emotional maturity one would realise that religions and gods are flawed explanations of the natural world.

The question you didn't ask is "Why should we take religious people seriously in light of this? Andrew R on July 26, If a 5 year old is able to reason that God doesn't exist it doesn't say a lot about your reasoning abilities.

As has already been mentioned the children are aged between 3. Forced choice questioning is a long way away from a good scientific design and does not constitute empirical research. Assuming her statistical analysis was correlational her conclusions are far from the cautionary interpretation one would expect from the methodology.

We have no working definitions of 'god' nor 'creator'. These types of 'natural inferences' are only available to religious children. So what if Japan doesn't have a concept of 'god the creator' they still have a concept of 'god'.

The concept of god only 'naturally emerges' if it's been introduced in the first place.Most people are told it’s ‘treatable’ but rarely are people told of the ongoing problems nor the very real risks to a person’s health if the condition isn’t managed properly.

And many people don’t get a correct diagnosis until the condition becomes critical, as in many cases here it seems. In the vast majority of cases, depression is the root cause of stress factors, prolonged events, traumas, chronic pain, financial stresses and marital problems etc etc.

Very few people actually have a “diseased brain” that is causing their depression! Empirical MRI studies of the temporal lobe are largely focussed on schizophrenia and epilepsy as this is the area of the brain where these neurological problems are found.

Both of these neurological disorders are known to cause auditory and visual hallucinations. This paper concerns the study of beliefs and values related to Aids, by people engaged on the treatment of this disease in Brazil.

Seven people, engaged in Non Governmental Institutions, were interviewed about four topics: disease, death, patient, and treatment and prevention.

Whoa! Looks like we have a great catch phrase to use. Great line as there is truth in the comedy as the way we worked is to first get the final product and then use the factoids to make it plausible.

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