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Business strategy case study docomo

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message Lars Magnus Ericsson Lars Magnus Ericsson began his association with telephones in his youth as an instrument maker. He worked for a firm that made telegraph equipment for the Swedish government agency Telegrafverket.

Inat the age of 30, he started a telegraph repair shop with help from his friend Carl Johan Andersson in central Stockholm and repaired foreign-made telephones. In Ericsson began making and selling his own telephone equipment. His telephones were not technically innovative.

He bought a number of Siemens telephones and analyzed the technology; Ericsson had a scholarship at Siemens a few years earlier. He improved these designs to produce a higher-quality instrument to be used by new telephone companies such as Rikstelefon to provide cheaper service than the Bell Group.

Ericsson had no patent or royalty problems because Bell had not patented their inventions in Scandinavia. His training as an instrument maker was reflected in the standard of finish and the ornate design of Ericsson telephones of this period.

At the end of the year he started to manufacture telephones much like those of Siemens; the first product was finished in Its factory could not keep up with demand; joinery and metal-plating were contracted out. Much of its raw materials were imported; in the following decades Ericsson bought into a number of firms to ensure supplies of brasswireeboniteand magnet steel.


Much of the walnut wood used for cabinets was imported from the United States. When Bell bought the biggest telephone network in Stockholm, it only allowed its own telephones to be used with it. As Bell would not deliver equipment to competitors, he formed a pact with Ericsson to supply the equipment for his new telephone network.

Scribner at Western Electric. This was legal because the device was not patented in Sweden, although in the United States it had held patent since A single switchboard could handle up to 10, lines. The following year, LM Ericsson and Cedergren toured the United States, visiting several telephone exchange stations to gather "inspiration".

It was used by operators in the exchanges where operators needed to have one hand free when talking to customers.

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Ericsson picked up this invention and incorporated it into Ericsson products, beginning with a telephone named The Dachshund. International expansion[ edit ] An early, wooden, Ericsson telephone, made by the Ericsson Telephone Co.

As production grew in the late s, and the Swedish market seemed to be reaching saturation, Ericsson expanded into foreign markets through a number of agents. The Nordic countries were also Ericsson customers; they were encouraged by the growth of telephone services in Sweden.

Mass production techniques now firmly established; telephones were losing some of their ornate finish and decoration. Ericsson eventually sold its U. Sales in Mexico led to inroads into South American countries. South Africa and China were also generating significant sales. With his company now multinational, Lars Ericsson stepped down from the company in Elaborate decals decorated the cases.

Business strategy case study docomo

Wincrantz was partly funded by Ivar Kreugeran international financier. Kreuger started showing interest in the company, being a major owner of Wincrantz holding companies. Wincrantz controlled the company by having only a few "A" shares, not a majority of the shares.

The company raised more money by issuing a lot of "B" shares, while maintaining the status quo of power distribution. Kreuger had effectively bought LM Ericsson with its own money.

Ericsson found they had invested in some doubtful share deals, whose losses were deemed significant. Inthe Wallenberg family arranged with ITT to buy its shares in Ericsson, and has since controlled the company. The design is attributed to Jean Heiberg.

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The Ericsson DBH15 telephone, a successor of the DBH and redesigned in by Gerard Kiljan In the s and s, the world telephone markets were being organized and stabilized by many governments.Rakuten is an undervalued e-commerce darkhorse.

The company is hovering around its week low with a EV/EBITDA, after a year that saw 20% YoY revenue growth. AVICENNE ENERGY Presentation MAY Christophe PILLOT + 33 (0)6 88 82 79 49 [email protected] OUR BUSINESS STORY 3 •AVICENNE Creation.

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