Case analysis of sunflower incorporated

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Case analysis of sunflower incorporated

Fertilization of these soils is therefore a necessary practice. Response to organic or inorganic fertilizers is usually obtained.

To decrease the loss of applied nutrients, especially N by leaching, several practices have been suggested, such as: Experience with these practices has shown the following: When phosphorus was distributed along a sandy soil column 15 cm long, The yield from clover and horse beans increased with P fertilization and the increase was doubled when the seeds were inoculated with specific rhizobia strains.

Pelleting NH4 2SO4 decreased its leachability from sand columns. Leaching of ureaform was lower than NH4 2SO4. In sand pots planted with maize, pelleting NH4 2SO4 or dividing its application into 3 portions increased the dry weight of plants and the amount of absorbed N.

Use of ureaform in the above-mentioned pot experiment showed that the conditions of growth were not suitable for the plants. Incubation studies showed that in the case of UF-sand and urea-sand systems, the pH increased from 7. Response of wheat to urea on sandy soils was lower than to other N carriers.

The economics of organic fertilization and layer formation should be taken into consideration. Rates of fertilizer application for different crops and soils should. A programme of field investigations is suggested. Previous experience with these soils has shown that their production is low and expensive.

This is attributed mainly to their low fertility level as well as to the loss of water and applied nutrients by leaching.

Case analysis of sunflower incorporated

Attempts to improve their production and decrease expenses were made by: Farming practices in sandy soils have made considerable progress in the last few years, particularly in the above four fields.

In this report are presented the problems related to soil fertility and methods of organic and inorganic fertilization of these soils.

Soils containing high percentages of this fraction are generally rich in nutrient elements and retain them when they are applied. The main constituent of sandy soils is the sand fraction and this does not supply any nutrient to the growing plants.

Accordingly the fertility level of sandy soils is controlled by their clay and organic matter content. Nutrients applied to raise their low fertility level remain in solution, subject to loss by leaching.

The portion of nutrients which might be retained by the soil is controlled by the amount of the soil fine fraction. Also, because sand is the major constituent of these soils, their water retention is low. The applied water moves downward easily and the oil needs frequent irrigation at short intervals.

Such conditions aggravate the loss of nutrients via the water 2. In the Nile alluvial soils these values are about 1 and 12 - 15 ppm respectively. Good soil management which leads to an increase in the fine fraction and the application of organic manures would tend to increase the phosphorus content and, consequently, the soil fertility.

The loss of fertilizer P by leaching is not a problem in most soils.


Phosphorus is usually immobilized upon incorporation in the soil, but because of the low content of clay and organic fractions in the sandy soils, a limited movement takes place of applied phosphate fertilizers by convection with irrigation water.Some physicians recommend discontinuing high-dose vitamin E supplementation two to four weeks before elective surgery — including dental procedures — to decrease the risk of hemorrhage..

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