Fortune telling by handwriting analysis

It can be performed for a client, as a part of guided self-analysis and spiritual development, but it is most often performed by a handwriting analyst for a client who wishes to learn hidden or otherwise unexpressed information about the character of a friend, spouse, or potential employee. Records of handwriting analysis for these purposes date back to the eleventh century. During the nineteenth century, graphology developed as a practice, and gained in popularity. Today graphology is a recognized method of character analysis.

Fortune telling by handwriting analysis

William Stickevers A beautiful antique Royal Doulton plate in faux-Delft blue decoratively displays the grand zodiacal parade in astro-inverso form, with England at the center of its world Divination, fortune-telling, reading, divining, prophesying, telling futures, seeing by Spirit, and oracular disclosure are varied names for the process by which the present or future circumstances of a person, place, relationship, or object may be glimpsed, understood, or predicted.

Some religions -- such as JudaismHinduismand Taoism -- have created or endorsed institutionalized roles for diviners and prophets within their priesthood or allied to it.

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Other religions maintain a neutral or even a negative opinion of seership and may even go so far as to forbid its practice on scriptural grounds, relegating divination to the realm of the magical arts. Whether or not a divination is performed within the embrace of a religious tradition or as a magical artthe knowledge conveyed by its practice is generally brought forth to clients or sitters by gifted seers.

Depending on the nature of their gifts, their training, or their personal inclination, their insights may gleaned by means of a tool geared for such a purpose, by direct spirit-vision, through intuition, or by skill in interpreting signs, portents, and omens from the immediate environment.

In addition to divining things to come or revealing hidden thoughts and workings, many fortune-tellers will also give character readings -- short analyses of someone's character without specific predictions of future events.

fortune telling by handwriting analysis

The subject of a character reading may be the client, who seeks self-knowledge, but the fortune-teller may just as readily perform a character reading on the client's prospective mate.

If the latter is being assessed for marital compatibility with the client, there is an element of prediction, as the reader explores the future potential of the relationship based on the two characters. Among hoodoo root doctors many types of divination are employed, and these derive from the varied cultural traditions which have gone into the making of African-American conjure.

Palmistry examines the form and lines of the hand Graphology reveals secrets of the subject's handwriting Phrenology is character analysis by means of the head Astrology studies the native's planetary and zodiacal map Numerology brings forth hidden meanings in the alphabet Bibliomancy is fortune telling from a book I Ching is an ancient Chinese form of divination Cartomancy is divination by means of cards Contents.Graphology (or graphoanalysis, but not graphanalysis) is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting claiming to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics.

· Fortune-telling is the forecasting of future events or the explaining of a person’s character by methods usually thought to be irrational. Astrology interprets the movements of heavenly bodies. Other predictive methods use objects such as playing cards, tea leaves, scattered salt, and crystal balls.

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Character analysis is done through 4. A graphologist should be given this information beforehand. Handwriting analysis is not a fortune-telling tool. 笔相家必须预先就有这样的信息,笔迹分析不能作为算命工具。

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fortune telling by handwriting analysis
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