Guru sishya the relationship beyond classrooms essay

S Iygenar 2 Hinduism contains within it six major schools of thought, or darshanas: Thus, Hindu philosophy is often described as Vedic or the Vedic tradition. Also uniting the darshanas is the concept of pluralism, the belief that multiple paths exist to reach liberation, or moksha, or unity with God and escape from the cyle of birth and death.

Guru sishya the relationship beyond classrooms essay

Search Sir to Saala Khadoos: Sep 05, Over the years, Bollywood films have captured such emotions in all their glory, with actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Naseeruddin Shah immortalising the varied avatars of teachers on big screen. His character showcased how teachers can be friends too as he went out of the way to help his on-screen students, Pooja Bhatt and Atul Agnihotri, in their tough times.

The movie sensitises viewers about the hardships that boarding school children go through, and it highlights how a healthy teacher-student relationship can be encouraging for young ones and help them to lead a better life.

Main Hoon Na - The teacher here not just taught chemistry in class but also gave out fashion tips!

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Whoever said teachers are boring? Taare Zameen Par - A special film about a special child. He made them sing and dance and gave them the freedom to showcase their creativity.

Moreover, the film focussed on guiding viewers about a learning and writing difficulty - Dyslexia - and he showcased ways to deal with the special children.

Guru sishya the relationship beyond classrooms essay

But change ensues when a student, played by Aamir Khan, proves that life goes beyond textbooks, and learning can happen beyond classrooms.

The film turned out to be a huge success.

Guru sishya the relationship beyond classrooms essay

Actor Shahid Kapoor, as a music teacher named Rahul Udyavar, gave out an important message of how students and teachers can be encouraged to stand up against the inefficiencies of school management.

Amitabh plays a college principal, who turns into a social activist.

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He plays Prabhakar Anand, who fights injustice to bring positive change in the education system without compromising on his principles and morals.

The socio-political drama sent out a strong message for schools and colleges across the country. The confrontation helps the dean realise that he was wrong all the way.

He played a former boxer who wants to prove his caliber again with the help of a girl. Follow htshowbiz for more.Jul 20,  · Ajay Chaturvedi is the founder of HarVa, the first BPO set up in rural India which employs only women and author of the widely acclaimed, Lost Wisdom of The Swastika.

Descriptive Essay on My Classroom. My classroom is tidy, clean, and airy. This is because it is regularly cleaned by the school custodial staff. Every morning, the school custodians open the windows of the class, clean the floor and then arrange the students’ desks so everything in the class is tidy before my classmates and I come to class.

Guru: Sishya - the Relationship Beyond Classrooms Guru: Sishya - The Relationship Beyond Classrooms | | Introduction This article is an outcome of the survey conducted by the I MBA students of our institute (RLIMS, Madurai) on the student-teacher relationship.

The Necessity of a Criminal Justice System Essay Criminology Essay Why do we need a criminal justice system? Alaedin Idris Student ID: Course: CCJ Convener: Mr. Kerry Wimshurst Due Date: Wednesday, 12th December Word count: 1, Date submitted: Monday, 10th December Criminal justice is not to be associated with the court processes in which the verdict .


One of the key developments promoted by Zike is the use of Foldables in the classroom (). These are three-dimensional hands-on manipulative/graphic organizers. Foldables can quickly organize, display and arrange data making it easier for students to grasp concepts, theories, processes, facts, and ideas, or to sequence events as outlined in the content standards.

The group name of these budding managers is “Aspire”. The moment we talk about the guru-sishya relationship the flash that comes first is the historical guru Dronacharya and his disciples; Swami Vivekananda and his guru Ramakrishnar; and the list continues The guru-sishya relationship is a social binding on both the students and the teacher.

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