Hypertension essay thesis

Pulmonary hypertension Scientific literature about the effect of H2S on pulmonary hypertension is not very rich so far and it deals mostly with animal experiments, so it lacks of human data. The first evidence of a possible role of H2S in PAH was the finding that H2S could relax the smooth muscle of ileum, portal vein, and thoracic aorta in vitro, and decrease the mean arterial pressure in vivoand could inhibit the proliferation of cultured aortic vascular smooth muscle cells of rats and humans via inhibition of MAPK activity. Nevertheless, Chunyu et al.

Hypertension essay thesis

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It can be extremely serious, but normally does not affect how you feel day to day. It is often referred to as "the silent killer" 1because there are no Hypertension essay thesis in the early stages of the disease. People with high blood pressure, in most cases, are unaware they have it unless they have their blood pressure measured.

This condition in the unaware person may be slowly causing serious damage and putting them at risk of sudden death from stroke or heart disease.

Occasional increases in blood pressure levels are not unusual. Examples may include physical activities that make your heartbeat faster and more powerful, and this can raise your blood pressure to meet the added demands of activity. However, if your blood pressure reaches abnormally high levels and stays high, then you could be considered to have high blood pressure HSP.

High blood pressure is also called hypertension. High blood pressure in the simplest terms means the increase of blood pressure due to the malfunctioning of one or several of the organs responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure. This malfunctioning may have many causes: The Diastolic number is of the most concern when considering high blood pressure 4.

One blood pressure reading that is high does not mean you have high blood pressure. There are many reasons for pressures to be high at any one time. In the past medical authorities had agreed that at least two elevated blood pressure readings taken on two different days were the basic minimums to make a preliminary diagnosis of high blood pressure or hypertension.

More current research indicates that blood pressure may vary over several months. Authorities now recommend that for patients whose diastolic blood pressure is mildly elevated, the diagnosis of "high blood pressure" 5 should be based on at least three blood pressure measurements over a period of several months.

This allows doctors to decide if a person needs treatment.

Hypertension essay thesis

High blood pressure, if untreated for long periods of time, can cause damage to the arteries of the body and to the organs that are supplied with blood by those arteries. It can also lead to pre-mature death. The major organs are the heart, the brain, and the kidneys. First, the heart, which pumps the blood, becomes enlarged and later strained.

Second, the arteries themselves become hardened and thickened and this is called hardening of the arteries. Third, the organs at the ends of the arteries can also become damaged by the high blood pressure.

Related medical conditions to high blood pressure include: While high blood pressure can cause major damage, controlling high blood pressure so it does not remain abnormally high for long periods of time can prevent the damaged.

There is a wide range of drugs that can be prescribed to bring blood pressure down. Approximately half of all people with high blood pressure can control it with only one drug, three-fourths can control it with two different drugs and nine out of ten can control it with three different drugs.

The drugs used to treat high blood pressure belong, for the most part, to one of seven different classes:- Hypertension Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure about 25% of all adults have high blood pressure, normal blood pressure in an adult is measure is less than /80 the top number is known as systolic and the bottom diastolic any reading above this is known as hypertension.

Introduction. Hypertension, also commonly referred to as high blood pressure, is one of the most ubiquitous yet nettlesome medical problems affecting millions of people around the world.

Today I would like to talk about what is high blood pressure, risk factors, prevention, and disease progression. Let's start with the definition of high blood pressure also known as hypertension.

While you are sitting in your seats you are probably wondering if you are at risk for high blood pressure. Thesis Statement About Blood Pressure. account of blood pressure testing during a clinical simulative skill session The clinical skill that I have decided to reflect on in this essay is the manual blood pressure test that I have performed on one of my colleague during a simulative clinical skills session.

The aim of this essay is to reflect on this experience, so as to learn from it, identify. - Renovascular hypertension, also known as renal hypertension, is a condition in which chronically elevated high blood pressure is caused by a narrowing of the renal arteries.

The renal arteries are the arteries that bring blood to the kidneys (9). Essay: Pulmonary hypertension Scientific literature about the effect of H2S on pulmonary hypertension is not very rich so far and it deals mostly with animal experiments, so it lacks of human data.

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