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Containing a snapshot of the overall market analysis, each Executive Summary provides a description of the scope and methodology used in the report; chapter overviews complete with statistical data; a sampling of charts and graphs when applicable; a brief look at the trends shaping the market; and projected future growth or demise of each market sector with relevant sales figures. The report from which this Executive Summary is compiled is for Cookies in the U.

Kristen cookies executive summary

The Spine is used throughout the NHS and supported 24 hours a day, days a year While there has been no definitive analysis of the failings of the Programme, consensus opinion supports the following conclusions 6, 7, 8, 9: From the outset, the Programme lacked clinical engagement.

The focus was placed upon technology and not service change, and minimal attention was given to the adaptive elements of massive IT installations. The Programme employed a controlled, top-down approach — a centrally-driven strategy to implement standardised IT systems.

Some have likened it to a military procurement program, which, of course, involves far fewer adaptive change elements and far less need for local and professional buy-in.

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The Programme was felt to have a politically driven agenda. The initial allocation of Treasury funds was based on unrealistic promises, which led to unrealistic expectations. Despite what appeared to many to be a generous allocation of funds, local trusts found there was insufficient support available to help them implement the nationally purchased systems.

Procurement and contracting arrangements were problematic. While procuring contracts centrally resulted in vigorous supplier competition and saved billions of pounds, the speed meant that the NHS had not prepared key policy areas for example, information governancestandards for example, for messaging and clinical codingand information system architecture.

Moreover, the scope of many contracts was unclear and much work needed to be done after the contract award to agree on key parameters such as scope and deliverables.

The Programme suffered from continuous leadership changes and a shortage of individuals with relevant skills. Specifically, NPfIT was hampered by a workforce that lacked experience in large-scale IT implementation and familiarity with health services.

Additionally, the frequent senior leadership turnover plagued the programme. NHS organisations, particularly the trusts, also had limited informatics experience and expertise. There were few supporters of the programme at that stage and, inNPfIT was essentially aborted 2.

First, any new health IT programme will need to win back the hearts and minds of skeptical stakeholder groups, including political leaders, health system leaders, front-line clinicians, and the public.

Kristen cookies executive summary

Second, the health IT workforce both clinician-informatics experts and non-clinician health technology expertswhich was never very robust to begin with, has been dangerously thinned. Third, any new effort to digitise UK trusts that seems too centralised will likely be rejected.

Technology has advanced considerably over the 15 years since NPfIT was launched. During this period, demands on health systems, including the NHShave grown.

The NHS finds itself at a critical point, with a mandate to improve both the quality and efficiency of care. They provide community-based acute, preventive, and chronic disease care to a registered population and fulfill gate-keeping and coordinating functions by managing patient referrals into secondary care.

Most GPs are independent contractors who run their own businesses, often in partnership with other GPs. Their practices vary in size and employ other clinical and non-clinical support staff accordingly.

In contrast to the problems in implementing health IT systems in English hospitals, efforts to digitise GP practices have been strikingly successful. For well over a decade, almost every general practice in England has employed a comprehensive EHR at the point of care. The history of GP computerisation The early computerisation of English general practice parallels computerisation in the rest of the economy.

This was sometimes funded by the practice itself at times aided by the support of local hospitals or through government research grants. As early asa practice in Exeter reported designing and implementing a computer record keeping system that was, in essence, a full EHR More often in the early years, practices implemented systems with more modest functionality.Executive summary of the American College of Surgeons/Surgical Infection Society Surgical Site Infection Guidelines Update.

Kristen A. Ban, Joseph P.

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Minei, Christine Laronga, Brian G. Harbrecht, Executive summary of the American College of Surgeons/Surgical Infection Society Surgical Site Infection Guidelines Update.

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Executive Summary of the International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Global Surrogacy Kristen E. Cheney December Executive Summary of the International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Global Surrogacy August International Institute of Social Studies The Hague, Netherlands Kristen E.

Cheney, Editor The International Forum on Intercountry Adoption.

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