Moral policing essay

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Moral policing essay

Its protagonists say it is an of import map to be performed to safeguard our civilization against western influence and salvage our young person from corruptness.

Those who oppose it see it as a menace to single freedom and democratic dissent.

Moral policing Essay Sample. Moral policing is a controversial term. Its supporters say it is an important function to be performed to safeguard our culture against western influence and . Ethics in Policing CJS/ November 1, William Whitlatch, Instructor Ethics in Policing According to Webster’s Dictionary, ethics is defined “as the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation” (Merriam-Webster Online). Staff Reporter CHENNAI: Nandini Voice For the Deprived, a Chennai-based non-governmental organisation, has announced an essay competition for women college students on the subject `Moral Policing - Is.

I would non hold been interested in these arguments till I saw them impacting my life as an person and more so as a adult female.

How moral policing is gender biased?

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These are non inquiries you would desire to pass your eventide on but somehow they have been trouble oneselfing me for a piece. It all started when grandmother told me non to drink because it is immoral for a miss. What hit me was non it is immoral but for misss and I started on with my demand for interrupting gender stereotypes talk.

Subsequently when I thought about it the mention to morality struck me. I started detecting how handily the moral statement was used to deter a adult female from exerting her will. How moral criterions shifted across gender lines easy became evident.

If a adult female is promiscuous she is labelled a slattern but a adult male is called a he-man for the same. The moral intensions apply merely to the adult female. The same trial of morality is non applied to a adult male.

Why such a disagreement?

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Ethical motives are rules expected to steer the behavior of whole humanity so why this favoritism between the sexes? I was non surprised when Tamil actress Khusboo was accused of dishonoring Tamil adult females when she said.

It was to be expected of a patriarchal system that tries to reenforce itself by doing its victims appear like felons for non adhering to limitations imposed by convention in the name of morality. Dancing is a originative look and in a state where everyone enjoys the right to profession dancing to gain money can non be illegal.

The statement given here was immorality of these adult females and there perverting influence on public ethical motives. What lies forgotten is they are non coercing people to come and see their public presentations but cater to a niche willing audience.

There rights to look and profession are besides looked over.

Moral policing essay

Same logic of morality was extended to enforce a frock codification on adult females in Banglore University. Students were told to dress up modestly so they can be protected from eve tease and sexual maltreatment. Blaming the victim for being violated is easier so covering with culprits. If the victim is female projecting slurs on her moral character makes the trade easier.

The statement besides reduces work forces to animate beings who have no rational control over their actions. A small show of tegument is adequate to do them perpetrate sexual offenses.

Polices in Meerut assaulted immature twosomes on camera for meeting in a park. No rational individual will purchase this statement. Public show of fondness by accepting grownups is non a offense. By stamp downing all channels of rightful interaction between the sexes you are merely encouraging forceful brushs.

Public infinites like Parkss have traditionally been topographic points where childs meet withstanding the dearth of personal infinite in our society. Should this be done merely behind close doors? Is love a soiled thing?

Moral policing | Essay Example

The answer many of these egos appointed police officers give you is we are a traditional society we must non give our values to the West.

What are our values one is tempted to inquire? Ancient values of Khujraho. The hypocritical system that accepts a miss have oning a skirt acquiring raped but finds it unacceptable if she decides to hold sex on her will.

I was perturbed by the function of media in the contention. Of class it was of import for us to cognize that the Meerut constabularies crossed their lawful boundaries but the angle of coverage was non this. It appeared the media was observing what was go oning and in its exhilaration it did non even bother to film over the faces of immature misss and male childs being brutalised taging them for life as immoral and characterless.

But why should the media bother it merely recorded what was go oning. Still the rise of peephole news media is dismaying. Media is progressively going an instrument of moral policing as it intrudes in to personal lives of people.What is moral policing? Why is that wrong?

The best way to resolve issues is to understand others perspectives, and respect their opinion, and not always try and enforce our thoughts and belief systems upon them. Moral policing is a form of fanaticism that is highly dangerous as there is no sound reasoning to it but a common hatred of.

Moral police is a blanket term used to describe vigilante groups which act to enforce a code of morality in India. Some of India's laws, and some actions of police forces in India are also considered to be instances of moral policing. Moral policing as i see it ensuring that a set of values are being adopted and followed by every body in your control region.

There are two types of moral policing. 1) Truly believing that your morals are correct and they are the only way for the better future of your control region. Essay Police Officers And Police Officer violence in order to legitimize their efforts to promote partnerships between citizens and police.

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There are many characteristics that might be important to consider when choosing a police officer suitable to implement the ideals of community policing.

Ethics is defined as study of moralitys effect on conduct: the study of moral standards and how they affect conduct. Morality is accepted moral standards.

Police integrity is based upon law enforcement acting in ethical manners in accordance with their community to have a safe environment. Ethics are defined .

Moral policing | Essay Example