Screenwriting apprenticeships in chicago

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Screenwriting apprenticeships in chicago

This course requires students to attend a selection of events and presentations by leading practitioners and thinkers on media arts, scholarship, contemporary practices hosted by the University through the semester.


These events include exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, conversations, and readings. The goal is to foster a deeper appreciation of art and culture and its significance in our lives.

University Core Curriculum An introduction to world history of cinema from its screenwriting apprenticeships in chicago to the present, featuring important and influential films of various types and genres from many countries. Basic formal and technical aspects of the medium and means of analysis are also introduced.

It is also the required foundation course for the Cinema Specialization in the Cinema and Photography major. University Core Curriculum University Honors Program An introduction to world history of cinema from its origins to the present, featuring important and influential films of various types and genres from many countries.

Course restricted to University Honors Program students. Intro to basic digital photo and video media tools including basic camera functions, Apple i-life software, image capture, transfer, and basic editing.

screenwriting apprenticeships in chicago

Students produce a final photo or video project published via DVD or the Web. Students must have a simple digital camera or camera phone capable of still image and short video capture. Used to recognize work experience related to the student's educational objective. One to six hours of credit may be applied toward graduation requirements following departmental evaluation and approval.

Special approval needed from the department. Experiences may involve life-long learning, apprenticeships; military, corporate, or volunteer organizations or non-accredited post-secondary vocational-technical institutions. Credit will be determined by department evaluation.

This credit may only be applied to general electives.

Screenwriting Internships

Restricted to Cinema and Photography majors. Various beginning level topics courses Cinema, Photography or Intermedia Arts. May be repeated up to 12 credits as topics vary. Student initiated production of a short narrative film based on original or adapted script. Each student will perform a particular crew role in consultation with the film's producers.

Activities include pre- and post-production, production management, research on crew roles, analysis of films and photography relevant to the topic, style, and genre of the proposed project, equipment demonstrations. Faculty review and approval of student film proposal required before course will be offered.

Individual research or projects in Cinema or Photography at the beginning or intermediate level. Special approval needed from the instructor.

Types of apprenticeships

This course is a basic introduction to the practice of creating the still image that explores a range of haptic and optic-based methods and materials, spanning from basic drawing to basic chemical darkroom and digital printing processes.

Students will practice an understanding of elements of art, principles of design, basic lighting design principles and color theory. Students will provide mobile smartphone device and drawing materials.

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of creating a cinematic work that includes sound and video. Students will learn to think through formal choices that are made in-camera, select both sound and image from the environment; learn about lighting choices; compose as well as select misc-en-scene; and finish with editing and uploading work on the internet.

The goal is to teach students to consider cinematic techniques as part of their overall artistic vision and meaning they wish to create. This course will provide conceptual and hands-on experience making media with a focus on critical arts practice. Emphasis will be placed on independent production from the creation of the project idea to post-production.

Assignments and course content focus on a wide range of creative image and sound making guided by theoretical, aesthetic and cinematic principles.

Students will be introduced to basic production and editing skills as well as produce assignments that reflect a breadth of media arts practice.

This course will give students a solid foundation from which they can begin to develop their own artistic voice. In this course, students will examine and generate performance based works that incorporates, plays with, and expands the still and moving image into artistic explorations that range from immersive narratives and environments, installations, theater and lucid performance, documentary practices, and poetic intersections of live art and the image.

This course will give students a solid foundation from which they can begin to develop their own artistic voice and goals, especially consider the ways in which live performance brings the recorded still-moving image and sound into a new level of artistic exploration and meaning making of space, time, and experience.

Possessing the ability to translate visually rich ideas into accurate drawings is vital during the pre-production stage of media-making. Students will learn the principles of design and apply basic drawing strategies with pencil for subsequent digital media application.

With the aid of both analog and digital tools, students will produce a portfolio of digital sketches, storyboards, and other useful prototypes to showcase a solid understanding of modeling, perspective and contour drawing. A survey of the important images, ideas, people, and processes that constitute the history of still photography.

Covers photographic pre-history through modernity. ENGL with a grade of C or better.The Film Connection screenwriting program allows me to work one on one with my students, customizing the curriculum, allowing me to focus on each student’s needs by helping them raise the level of their writing whether it’s their first script or their fiftieth.”.

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