The ideologies and influence of the prussian baron von steuben

The reasons for his unique insight may have been because he was distanced from the revolutionary ideals in America, and therefore was in a better position to observe and understand them; and ultimately use them to shape his new and successful form of discipline in the Continental Army. Most of the commanders of the Continental Army, from the commander in chief to the lower officers had subscribed to the traditional European method that relied on fear to achieve discipline. This method of fear was probably not essential, and had little if any effect in the early days of the war because the soldiers were mostly fighting for their own ideologies. To the soldiers, the commanders were of little importance.

The ideologies and influence of the prussian baron von steuben

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To appreciate the contributions von Steuben made to the American Revolution, consider this: Before his arrival in Valley Forge inthe Revolutionary Army had lost several battles to Great Britain and, without him, the United States of America might still be the British colonies.

Before Valley Forge, the Revolutionary Army was a loosely organized, rag-tag band of men with little military training. The military fumbled through the beginning of the war for independence lacking training and organization.

George Washington and the Continental Congress knew that without help from additional seasoned military experts, the colonies would clearly lose.

Since Washington himself was the best the colonies had, they looked to Europe for someone who could train the troops. Franklin, a renowned inventor, was treated as a celebrity in the French court. This would be pivotal in achieving his two major objectives in France: Baron Frederich von Steuben.

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Von Steuben had a string of successes some self-embellished with the Prussian army. There was one problem. In Paris, Franklin was interviewing candidates to assist Washington back in the colonies when he discovered von Steuben.

They had decided to make their effort a crusade and run him out of France. At the same time, another colonial representative was in France with the explicit job of recruiting experienced military personnel from Europe to train the Continental Army.

He was Silas Deane, a former representative to the first Continental Congress and friend of Franklin.

The ideologies and influence of the prussian baron von steuben

Deane is best known for recruiting the Marquis de Lafayette. He also had a side job as a spy for the colonies. Besides being intelligent themselves, Franklin and Deane knew how to spot intelligence.

It would have been impossible for either to not know about the reputation of von Steuben. I have even been informed that that is the reason why M. Von Steuben was given an advance for passage to America and began as a volunteer, without pay. One of those officers was Alexander Hamilton and the other his close friend John Laurens.

He whipped the rag-tag army of the colonies into a professional fighting force, able to take on the most powerful superpower of the time, England. Arrives at Valley Forge to serve under Washington, having informed Congress of his desire for paid service after an initial volunteer trial period, with which request Washington concurs.

Begins tenure as inspector general, drilling troops according to established European military precepts. Senior military officer in charge of troop and supply mobilization in Virginia.

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Replaced by Marquis de Lafayette as commander in Virginia. Assists in formulating plans for the postwar American military.Baron von Steuben came to Valley Forge at spring of , Prussian soldier who whipped continental army into shape, by summer morale had rebounded due to his help Funding Issues and Mutinies.

Baron von Steuben was born in the fortress town of Magdeburg, Germany, on September 17, , the son of Royal Prussian Engineer Capt. Baron Wilhelm von Steuben and his wife, Elizabeth von Jagvodin. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Friedrich Wilhelm von Major General.

Unification of Germany - Unification of Germany On January 18, , the German Empire was proclaimed宣佈æˆç«‹. It is a turning point轉æ©é»ž in the European history, and was one of the remote causesé å› that led to the outbreak of the First World War.

Friedrich Ebert was a polarizing figure in German history. As a major party leader in the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and future president of the first German Republic, Ebert was a major influence in shaping politics in the late s and early s.

The ideologies and influence of the prussian baron von steuben

Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben, also referred to as the Baron von Steuben, was a Prussian-born military officer who served as . Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was a Prussian soldier designated inspector general of the American Continental Army.

He was in charge of training the troops in during the period of the.

Baron von Steuben