The prospect of hong kong s freight industry

Range of Services Air Transport The air transport industry can be divided into the cargo and passenger sectors. There are scheduled and non-scheduled carriers operating in both sectors.

The prospect of hong kong s freight industry

Via global reach with local expertise, network globalization, products diversification, operation optimization, data integration and the application of the internet of Things IoT — Dimerco builds both physical and virtual channels to provide far-reaching international logistics services that enable business growth.

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Management by professionals Dimerco is led by professionals that instill the Dimerco team with a global vision and a comprehensive view on strategy planning. The Dimerco management ensures sustainable operation of the company. Flexible organization Dimerco runs a flexible business organization and a profit center system where the entire team works for a common goal and resources are utilized to maximize benefits.

Overall operation efficiency Dimerco looks into different customer needs and uses digital technology and organizational resources to deliver integrated logistics services including transportation, distribution, warehousing, and customs clearance.

With Dimerco services, clients can quickly respond to market changes and meet customer demands. In addition, Dimerco is committed to upholding the corporate social responsibility in environmental protection and sustainable operation.

It looks forward to becoming a green partner of global customers, organizations and societies, working with them to jointly create a more economical green solution for a better future. Therefore, to play an active role in protecting the environment, Dimerco is committed to building a paperless and green work environment by establishing transparent data links with its business partners and clients.

Keen on keeping abreast of market trends and worldwide economic development, Dimerco has been expanding globally and growing at a steady pace. Dimerco embraces ethnic and religious differences, and work with all of its strategic partners and local employees from all over the world to carry out a localization strategy that creates a win-win situation for both Dimerco and its local partners.

The goal of our global expansion is to reach all corners of the world and become the leading international transportation and logistics services provider embracing a sustainable growth strategy that is characterized by global reach with local expertise, network globalization, products diversification, operation optimization, data integration and the application of the internet of Things IoT.

Although, it is difficult to balance our environment with economic strategies, Dimerco accepts the challenge to do its part in preserving our environment while continuing to expand in the market place.

Dimerco is going green. Make adjustments to the work environment to create a balance between productivity and developing environmentally-friendly accommodations. Identify the needs and requirements of major customers on sustainability and green initiatives. Offer the innovative service module to fit the green supply chain.

Develop a methodology to evaluate the environmental damage is being deduced and how performance is increasing. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The simplest part of going green involves reducing our usage of stationary, paper cups, chopsticks, and bottled water.

The prospect of hong kong s freight industry

Cans, bottles, and paper will be separated into appropriate recycling units. Employees will get into the habit of using non-disposable cups and eco-friendly items to eliminate waste. Additionally, looking at other opportunities such as purchasing remanufactured ink and toner cartridges not only saves the environment but it is less expensive than new cartridges.

Dimerco will develop a green purchasing policy to reduce waste in the office. To help go green, Dimerco will produce durable cups and chopsticks as a gift to employees and our customers.

Dimerco will continuously explore a variety of methods of going green by investing in information technology, development, and application. As of JulyDimerco is ranked at: By automating and integrating various parts of the internal supply chain processes, from Sales, Operation, Finance and Accounting, Dimerco not only improves our operation and management efficiency, but creates a paperless working environment.

This information interchange optimizes data accuracy and user efficiency, it also reduces consumption of resources such as paper e. Through this policy, Dimerco is able to allocate proper and appropriate resources to best suit the users need in their daily operations.

This will ensure natural resources are being fully utilized. Along those lines, Dimerco also encourage our users to reuse and recycle whatever IT hardware e. Transportation Management Having an efficient transportation management system is another optimum way to reduce the carbon footprint left by Dimerco.

This is practiced currently through the Dimerco system. Supply Chain Management Efficiencies in supply chain management can be used to reduce the need for unnecessary transportation services. Dimerco is constantly growing with its customers and partners by providing time-defined international freight forwarding services as well as designing, implementing customized logistics management solutions.

Apart from the business world, Dimerco Express Group participates and sponsors various social projects to aid those in our communities who are in need. Dimerco has assisted refugees in Northern Thailand, assisted victims of the earthquake in Taiwan, as well as participated in the development of educational facilities in China's Anhui province.Conversation With A Shipper At TIACA ACF The old joke is that at an air cargo trade show usually the only shipper that you see out walking near the display stands is .

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The Prospect of Hong Kong's Freight Industry. Give your point of view on the prospect of Hong Kong’s Freight industry - The Prospect of Hong Kong's Freight Industry introduction. Support your argument with significant analysis and recommendation. This year’s Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ( November) includes an important Maritime Forum on the prospects for Liner Shipping.

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