The stolen bacillus essay

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The stolen bacillus essay

Dec Summary The Bacteriologist has a visitor to his laboratory, a pale stranger who arrives with a letter of introduction from a good friend of the scientist. The scientist shows his visitor the cholera bacillus under a microscope and they talk about the disease.

The stolen bacillus essay

The visitor is particularly interested in a vial containing living bacteria, and the scientist describes the power of cholera, saying what a terrible epidemic could be caused if a tube such as the one he holds were to be opened into the water supply. The scientist's wife calls him away for a moment; when the scientist returns, the visitor is ready to leave.

As soon as the visitor has gone, however, the scientist realizes the vial of bacteria is missing, that the visitor must have stolen it.

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He runs out in a panic, sees the visitor's cab leaving, and hails another cab to give chase. The scientist's wife, horrified by his inappropriate dress and hurry, follows in a third cab, with her husband's shoes and coat and hat. We shift to the point of view of the visitor in his cab.

He has indeed stolen the vial. He is an Anarchist who plans to release the bacteria into London's water supply. His motivation is fame: In the speeding cab, however, he accidentally breaks the glass vial. He decides to become a human vector. He swallows what is left in the vial, and stops the cab, realizing that he no longer needs to flee.

When the scientist catches up and confronts him, the Anarchist gleefully announces what he has done. The scientist allows him to walk away, and tells his wife that the man has ingested the stolen bacteria.

There is a twist: The Bacteriologist reluctantly puts on his coat and returns home with his wife, complaining that he will now have to culture the bacillus all over again.

Commentary This story is a chilling satire about the potential role of scientists in facilitating bioterrorism. The Bacteriologist is so pleased with his own work that he gives the Anarchist access to it, and in expounding on the power of the cholera bacillus which he feels he has in his own powerhe gives the Anarchist the information he needs to recognize bioforms as an effective weapon.

The Anarchist's words are all too familiar; he says that others are "blind fools to use bombs when this kind of thing is attainable" 5. When his first plan fails and he swallows the vial's contents himself, the Anarchist becomes a suicidal martyr to his cause and no longer needs to escape his pursuers.

He triumphantly confronts them and then wanders off into the city, "carefully jostling his infected body against as many people as possible" Fortuitously, the scientist has been boastfully dishonest about the bacteria he was showing off, so that the epidemic will be not cholera but something presumably less lethal and comically visible.H.G.

Wells's "The Stolen Bacillus" is a satirical short story about the potential role of science and scientists in facilitating bio-terrorism. .

The Stolen Bacillus

The Stolen Bacillus by H.G. Wells Essay Words | 4 Pages The Stolen Bacillus by H.G. Wells This is a story set in the 19th century people had dress codes which reflected your status in society.

The Stolen Bacilus. Write a page essay on the following below. You should include a works cited page with your primary source(s) (e.g. You should use Times New Roman 12 point font. 3) H.G. Wellss The Stolen Bacillus () tells the story of a French anarchist who visits a British scientist in his lab and threatens to carry out.

This article analyzes H.G. Wells’ The Stolen Bacillus, one of the first works of fiction to deal with bioterrorism.

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Although the use of biological agents by armies in warfare is probably as old as mankind, since the last Iraq War, the fear of biological agents being used in terrorist attacks has. H.G. Wells's "The Stolen Bacillus" is a satirical short story about the potential role of science and scientists in facilitating bio-terrorism.

This is done by having a very intelligent. “Animal Farm” and “The Stolen Bacillus” are two very interesting stories. “Animal Farm” is an allegory, this means it can be enjoyed at two level.

It is an extended metaphor, to the well-known Russian Revolution. The “Stolen Bacillus” is about science fiction; there isn’t a clear hidden meaning.

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