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When you are in need of writing help, you start searching for reliable essay writing service which can help you no matter how complex your subject is. And as you probably understand numerous services is a real scam that is why reading reviews is important. So we have done a review of UkEssays.

Ukessays elite

They started the business in the year but it was with a different name. With the number of freelance writers and staff they Ukessays elite, plus the years of experience, you could say this is already a truly established company that can be trusted.

So, in reviewing this service, we tried to gather a variety of resources such as customer testimonials and reviews off-site, the information on their website, placing a research paper order, etc.

You can request for your coursework, dissertationresearch paper and other acemic papers to be written by them. They are also versatile when it comes to what level of academic writing you are requesting because they claim to do high school and graduate level work.

Aside from writing, they also offer editing services. The cost Compared to other online writing services, UKEssays. Discounts and extras The high price will make you hope for a discount, but unfortunately, the site does not offer discounts.

Even Ukessays elite we asked their customer support, they really do not offer any discount whether through a promo or coupon code. We also checked for additional features, but we found none so far. But again, with such strict no-discount policy and high price as well as the lack of freebies, you are expecting to get only the highest quality paper.

They do have their policies posted and that looks standard. Customer support and site accessibility Since the site mostly targets UK students, their customer support is not open 24 hours. But since they also claim to offer assistance to US students, their non hours customer support may have a problem with that in terms of time zones.

If you are not a UK resident you would need to watch your time zone if you want to contact them and be wary of their business hours. They provide links that would take you to pages where you can find some helpful information.

You will also find footer pages which will make it easy for you to look at the main service descriptions. They also publish samples of dissertations and other works that you can easily access without a problem. Their writers and the quality of their work This is the main highlight of the review as this will prove whether you should be paying for the high price they charge or skip it.

Our first encounter with the quality of their writing is when we checked their sample dissertations on their site. But upon checking, we noticed that the sample contains lots of pages and no headings to mark another section.

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It would be hard for you to know when a thought ends and when another will start again. This made us wonder whether they really know the proper dissertation structure or not.

Ukessays elite

When we looked into customer reviews and testimonials, we noticed them mostly saying that the price is just way too high for such a mediocre quality writing.

In fact, when we looked at the paper we ordered, we noticed there are still some grammatical errors as well as wrong usage of words. The site also claims their custom writers hold professional degrees so we expected the hiring process to be very strict.

So, we tried applying as a writer and found out they only ask for minimal requirements like their credentials and a personal statement. The service is no doubt, overpriced and they cannot compensate their high price with quality because most of their customers are not satisfied with the quality they deliver.

Their customer support is also a failure because you cannot expect them to be there for you when you need them. In short, you are not getting what you expect to be paying for.

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We are living in the twenty-first century and it is a heart-throbbing fact that still most of the sections of our society do not. The elite service upgrades you from our standard service.

Ukessays elite

With this service you will receive; One of our top 5 elite writers in your subject area. We provide essay writing assistance services with a mission to deliver top quality and affordable custom papers to clients across the globe.

We provide custom-written papers on any topic in any field, including business, law, arts, engineering, health, history and literature. Review is an essay writing service that claims to have about freelance writers and 30 office-based administrative staff.

They started the business in the year but it was with a different name.

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