Why buy ethos

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Why buy ethos

As long as we have centralized trading exchanges for cryptos, we have always the threat of a regulation by a government, in the case of coinbase the us. This may not be influencing the crypto in itself but it will influence the price and adoption immense.

And in my opinion, it is just a matter of time that governments start regulating or even crack down on these.

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Ethos, formerly known as bitquence aka bqx. Coinbase has been around for about 6 years, and offers 4 cryptocurrencies you can purchase with fiat, which is quite frankly, pathetic. Ethos platform is set to offer global fiat conversion into every single altcoin. A single platform offering every single altcoin for every possible form of fiat - USD, Chinese yen, pesos… Why buy ethos supports around 26 countries and 4 altcoins, see the difference.

A fee for the purchase, another significant fee to withdraw and send to an exchange, and then if you want to cash out another withdrawal fee. Ethos is slated to have very small fees, akin to that of binance whilst using the bnb coin basically pennies for big purchases.

They will use the ethos coin to pay for the fees, bringing value to the coin which has mil max supply.

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Coinbase customer service is flagrantly awful. The only reason they get away with this is lack of other options. I am not even gonna mention the two person telephone support, which is only based in the US.

They are a capable and solid team with good backgrounds. They recently partnered with a global law firm to make sure they are compliant with any current and coming legislation. Ethos second curve ball - a cool, futures type, speculative price market. Basically you can bet on the price of a coin for a particular date in the future, and if you are right you get paid.

Coinbases limited services are currently hampering the growth of cryptocurrency, altcoins in particular. I think once the general population has a user friendly interface with 1 click crypto purchase options, we will see this market grow faster than anyone imagined.

At last I wanna say that all Ethos is right now, is frankly a big promise for the future. But after researching the project immensely the last whole month I am confident enough to invest in it now and in fact already did partially already.

This is just my opinion and I am not saying you should buy Ethos because it is quite obviously really risky at that point and has no guaranteed success if there is such a thing. All I am saying is that you should check the project out and consider a investment yourself, based on your own research.Why Choose Ethos?

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Why buy ethos

The coin price has nothing to do with it, as a quick scan on coins above and below Ethos in CMC all have different coin prices yet, are still performing better. The other guy is correct in what he says, although all coins are dropping Ethos drop is greater and hence its drop from 70's to ish in coin market cap.

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