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Www.custom-essays.org customer service

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The customer is always right The slogan, "The customer is always right", was popularized by several companies in the 20th century and onwards.

Companies used the phrase as a way of making the customer feel special by instilling into their staff the mentality that they should behave as if the customer is right even they were not. However, i disagree with the statement for the reasons that will be discussed in this essay.

It is important to note that the phrase was based on opinions and not on the experience that companies have while serving the customers. The phrase considers the immediate satisfaction of the customer without critically examining the whole customer experience.

The management of any company should consider the outcome of the customer experience since the result will be significant in finding ways to improve the company in the long term. Notably, the customer will not be satisfied when the product is not what they wanted even if they are treated well by the customer service providers.

It is important that the management take into consideration the amount of time and skill that their employees take to ensure that the product is exceptional. Creating a happy customer experience is the goal of every company but the company strategy should not fail to recognize the expertise that their employees have put in bringing the product to the consumers.

Is the customer always right Employees of the company are robbed of their confidence to perform when they are pressured while undertaking their duties since the company management always ensure that they are performing as according to the customers wishes.

However, in ideal situations, customers should express their views on how the product should be by for instance completing a survey on how the products should be. The employees should then take into the consideration all these factors before making their final decision on the design and model that the product will be.

However, what happens now is that the customers views are always taken firsthand without even consulting with the producers on what is feasible and what is not.

Companies should design a good customer service approach that will aim at ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products that companies are manufacturing. These approach will take into considerations the views of the customers before the company decides to make the product.

As such, it is important to note that customers have different opinions which are not necessarily correct since they do not have the knowledge of the approach and technology that will be used to make the products that they will love.

Therefore, their views are just a part of the product cycle and in no way can jeopardize the operations of the company. The essay has discussed the reasons that support the argument that the customer is not always right.

It is true that customers happiness are important but it should not be used to destroy the companies reputation in whatever circumstance. Customers are an important part of the success story of companies and that is the reason their views are considered in decision-making.

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However, they are not experts in the field of manufacturing and production and hence, they might not be aware of logistical situations involved during operations. Therefore, they are not always right in what they want although their views should always be used before any major decision-making.

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Www.custom-essays.org customer service

a customer service professional will never lose his or her patience even when an irate customer is behaving irresponsibly. The professional will be firm with the customer but will do everything necessary to help the irate customer get.

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